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Wrapping up an AMAZING summer!

Stopping to reflect back on a truly wonderful summer! I was fortunate to work on some unique and truly exciting projects around Buffalo and beyond. There are few places where the residents enjoy the summer months as much as in my hometown of Western New York & throughout the Northeastern United States. Because the winters are COLD AS HELL!!!

We manage to squeeze a year's worth of partying and outdoor activity into a 4-month window. LOTS of festivals, events, and beautiful scenery! In my business, these are the prime months to pack in as many projects and filming as much stock footage as possible. It gets really old being outside during the long winter looking for fresh things to check out and film. All while freezing your butt off. That's why I prefer to be traveling whenever I can and have been fortunate to be able to do so for work. Until then, I'm making sure to soak up the last of any warm weather and enjoy the beginning of the FALL season...(ie-leaves. Lots of leaves...)



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