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A Lakes' Story of Rebirth and Some of My Old Aerial Footage

I've filmed a lot of different subjects over the past 10 years as I always practicing and learning to operate new drones. One of these older videos was a quick video I had made of Onondaga Lake just outside of the Central New York city of Syracuse. I thought the lake looked interesting on a bright sunny day, so I pulled into the parking lot and had a quick aerial look. Though at the time, I used an old DJI Phantom 2 drone, and a GoPro, so I couldn't really see the video until a few days later. Ahhhh, the early days!!! They were much-less expensive.

Anyways, here's the story...

For over 70 years, this lake was as polluted as a body of water could get, so I was excited to see my old YouTube video trending as it was linked into a recent story about the lake's resurgence and the remarkable recovery by mother nature.

Thank you Charlie Voelker of Albany's The Team ESPN Radio 104.5 for including my video in your story!

Charlie Voelker is the co-host of The Drive every weekday afternoon from 3 pm to 7pm. Charlie has been a part of the Capital Region Sports scene for over the last 25 years. In 1996 he joined Big Board Sports host and NewsChannel 13 sports director, Rodger Wyland in the UAlbany broadcast booth for football and basketball. Charlie spent 6 years in minor league baseball, then spent the next 17 years as the Associate Athletic Director for the University at Albany before retiring from that position in 2020. Charlie and his wife Kim live in Albany County with his son Andrew.

Read More: Charlie Voelker - 104.5 The Team ESPN Radio |

Having this old drone footage called upon to help enhance any story nowadays is always a cool thing!

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Dan Oshier Productions is a full-service video production company located in Buffalo, NY specializing in drone aerial video and photography along with aerial lidar mapping.

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