Professional Video Editing

               Post Production

The editing room is where the magic comes alive. The right eye can evoke precise emotion with beautiful cuts that tell a story and leaves you feeling compelled. We have access to state of the art video post production facilities and talented professionals to guide you through the 3rd phase of your production adventure. Our resources expand offering visual effects, animation, and sound design.

Do YOU know Anyone that has a collection of old video files, tapes, or cassettes?

Is the video being locked away to be lost forever or is there something more?

We can take that old footage and apply professional video editing techniques to 

create the story that the video was intended to tell!

- Vacation footage? Let's see it!

- Cousin's wedding tape? Covered. 

- Family reunion clips? Share an event with everyone.

- Files of old photographs? 

- Old high school sports video? Show your kids the highlights! 

Let the memories live on in a new digital video that will showcase your old video forever.

We will coordinate with you to review the footage and professionally edit it and create

the story it was meant to tell!

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