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Motion Picture and Live Broadcast Camera Crew 

Our established resources provide professional video production services that are needed on every type of shoot. Our equipment consists of industry standard camera packages, lighting, motion technology, and accessories. We aid many national production companies by providing additional video crew, video production resources, and specialty drone camera operators to their traveling productions.

Every shooting scenario requires different equipment, cast, and crew. We offer a diverse selection of camera packages and operators that are geared and trained to handle your unique vision. From the popular Canon XF405 and Sony F55 for television/web to the dominating RED Dragon and Arri Alexa for creative narratives. We will customize any camera package to fit your budget and preference.





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For commercial and corporate video productions, live events, and other every day camera operator requests, our camera department is equipped with these cameras below. Although we have experience and the ability to provide standard ENG style camera packages, we specialize in cinema style productions. If you have a camera preference that is not listed below, please consult with us today to see if we can provide the right resources for your next video production.

  • Canon 5D Mark III

  • Black Magic Cinema

  • Sony A7R

  • Canon C300 Mark II

  • Sony FS700

  • Sony FS7

  • GoPro cameras

  • DJI Inspire, Phantom 4, Mavic Pro Drones

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