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Updated: Jul 23, 2018

Sometimes when business is slow or I am burning countless hours editing in the dungeon, I can forget why I do what I do and working in video production can get stale. But today, I stumbled upon a reminder of why I enjoy the field so much (enter bunches of technical blah blah blah here...if you really want to know what I discovered, msg me and I will explain).

To me, it's a HUGE step up for my professional video quality and overall look of my work. Dare I say, a game-changer. At least I believe that it is (and I'm the only one that works here at the moment).


Working in Video Production gives you the ability to learn something new each day and is something you can get better every day at. If you practice and innovate. New skills and techniques are everywhere online (YouTube) all I need to do is set aside the time to spend learning during my day. Who knows? Whatever I stumble upon next could be even better than what I found today.

So me, being the all-or-nothing person I am...

Starting tomorrow, I'm adding 30 minutes into the daily planner for learning time, to pick up new editing techniques...for 30 days.

Maybe I will log what my findings are during this little journey for any aspiring editors or the curious. Maybe...

Until then. Weekend's in sight...



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