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The Lights = Christmas Magic!

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

There is no better time of year than Christmas! (or the "Holidays" for those not on team JC)

To me, nothing signals the start of the season more than watching the growing number of displays slowly increasing in number as the days grow shorter and shorter. More than likely husbands bracing the cold as they put off decorating until the mercury drops below freezing here in the Northeastern US. Going on drives to see the lights was a seasonal tradition for me growing up and still remains so today. A few years ago I began a Facebook page to share mine and other local Lights Display photos and videos from throughout the city of Buffalo and Western New York (Link to page in comments).

Through this page, I have had the chance to connect with fellow "light-lovers" and been able to visit some AMAZING displays to capture photos and video for the page. I am fascinated not only by the lights themselves, but by the overachievers of the neighborhood. The Clark Griswolds! Pushing the envelope each year and growing an illuminated monster that will undoubtedly be posted on social media (maybe by this me) for the town to converge on for weeks to gawk and block traffic. These Displays are time-consuming and take dedication to establish as a tradition. We need more of these heroes today and it seems the stores are looking to oblige them

(The selection I witnessed on a recent visit to Home Depot is MASSIVE! $$$)

For Involving only about 2 months of attention, It's my favorite "project" of the year.

A rare SUPER-COOL experience through social media, meeting and interacting with like-minded individuals on a common topic.

To Connect. I believe that is what this social media thing was originally intended for.

Get out there and enjoy the light displays in your area!

They may just add a little more magic to your "non-denominational this time of year"

Have Fun out there and be safe out there checking visiting the lights in other people's neighborhoods.

Merry Christmas!



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